The NTV television channel has shown the next exposing film about the Russian opposition «protest Anatomy»

The NTV television channel has shown the next exposing film about the Russian opposition «protest Anatomy».

Изображение36 minutes of video have blown up the social networks which users write till now messages and the comments impressed with that they have seen. The film as in Twitter, from giving of oppositionists, has appeared accusing a broadcasting company in falsifications hasn't had time to end.

Adjusted react with satisfaction - on TV at last have shown what they guessed for a long time. Heshteg about NTV at the moment of the text publication is in ten Russian trends. On program page «state of emergency. Investigation» "Vkontakte" in which frameworks showed «protest Anatomy», for an hour and a half after the film termination has appeared almost one thousand comments. Moderators have made group closed.

The site of a broadcasting company of NTV this morning on an hour even has undergone to DDos-attack if to trust the message which is hung out on the main pages of a news resource. In «protest Anatomy» to spectators have told, how the opposition actually will organize meetings.

Authors assert that leaders of the Marsh area collected mass meeting not only on the actions, but also on progovernmental - for provocations. To people for it paid and distributed products. In particular, have shown, how drove on February, 26th mass meeting on the action «White ring».

As a film affirms that organizers couldn't collect 34 thousand persons to close the Garden ring, therefore have overtaken for "the paid people». Them marked a green marker, gave out a white tape and advance payment in one thousand roubles, promising after to pay still. To founders of video as they consider, also it was possible to find out, who organized on March, 4th "roundabouts" in Moscow.

They are active workers of movement "Solidarity". Under the certificate of one of commentators, he has read the message in which the observer writes that has come into the bus with «карусельщиками» in Twitter and has identified in it participants of movement. After have shown shots from the Moscow underground where the woman whom the offscreen voice named the active worker of "Solidarity", buys up for the organization of provocations on elections.

The film has come to the end with shots from actions on a Pushkin Square on March, 5th and on New Arbat on March, 10th. Behind a shot have explained that the opposition "has disappointed people with the lies", therefore "ever less people goes on these actions". After have shown nationalist Dmitry Demushkina who withdraws the supporters away from opposition with words «there again these boys from 90, people think that Putin, than these» is better.

For not clear reason upon termination of a film to spectators haven't shown a caption with names of authors, operators and journalists. Leaders of opposition have unanimously written in social networks that convincing proofs of own "bribability" haven't seen. Let's remind that it any more the first investigation of NTV on a theme «That from itself is represented by the Russian opposition».

The serial has begun in December of last year when to spectators have shown a film «Who sponsors association" Voice ". In it it was told about the proved communications of the organization with Gosdepom.

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